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The Twotrees Shelterbelt Internet Management service is a complete answer to your Internet management needs. 


Servers, systems, storage, software, networking, cloud computing, internet security & accessories. 


Technical Support

Technical issues can be a very difficult task for a district to manage. With our support system, your teachers have a way to directly contact your technicians .

Project Management

The Twotrees Professional Services team can manage any part, or all, of any project. The highly-trained technicians have years of experience.

Staging Services

If you have a technical staff that is well trained, even they will tell you it is often better to get assistance in staging large rollouts. 

Remote Server

If your district has dedicated Internet access, the Twotrees Professional services team has the tools to monitor your mission-critical services of your network.

On-Site Technicians

The Twotrees Professional services team works with numerous districts to provide highly skilled technicians .

Network Design

School district networks are often more complex and come with differing security challanges as compared to many large corporate environments. 

Network Management

For many school administrators, managing the technical staff and the technical processes of the network on a day to day basis can become a daunting task. 

Data Center

When it comes to delivering data center services today, IT budgets are dropping - yet the demand for services continues to rise. 



Twotrees Technologies acts as an advocate for the school system by working with administrators and school officials to determine the best solutions for each specific need a district may have. 

Business / Industry

Twotrees utilizes their extensive knowledge of Internet and network security to specialize in architecting, implementing and supporting an expansive portfolio of solutions.


The US Military has been fighting the cyber war for decades.

Purchasing Contracts

Twotrees Technologies participates in several Public Sector State and Multi-State purchasing contracts for various products.